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Log every catch

Misplacing a catch belongs to the past. From now on you simply take a quick picture with MyCatch app. It’s automatically be added to your personal profile at

Analyze performance

All catches stored in MyCatch are instantly converted into useful charts, tables and graphs. Your dashboard will conveniently provide you with an overview of this information.

Sharing allowed, not required

It makes sense to wonder if simply anyone can view your catches. The answer is a definite ‘no’; you are in charge of your own privacy. It’s entirely up to you to decide which catches, if any, others are allowed to view.

MyCatch website

After a long day’s fishing, nothing is more satisfying than logging onto your own profile at You can enjoy large-sized pictures, use the elaborate statistics-function to analyze your catches and consult useful information offered by fellow MyCatch’ers.

MyCatch will inevitably give you more insight into your favorite hobby!

App Highlights

MyCatch is the perfect app to register, analyze and review your catches time and again. Having your personal profile online at gives you the benefit of having easy access to your account, both by using your mobile phone, computer and tablet.

A wealth of knowledge
In this age of smart phones and apps it goes without saying that fishermen can’t stay behind. Keeping track of catches on a notepad has always been cumbersome and is now completely redundant.

It now only takes a few taps on the screen to store your catches in the ultimate digital logbook for anglers. Take a photo of your catch, enter weight and length and, while you’re at it anyway, why not specify tackle, water depth and fishing depth.

Weather details and GPS-location are stored automatically. The combined data make up an invaluable wealth of knowledge that adds to any angler’s fishing experience.